Schedule HERE !

Wednesday, 31st of May 2023

09:00 Opening of Stables 

09:00 CSN 80cm

10:45 CSN 90cm

12:50 CSN 100cm

18:0020:00 Horse Inspection CSI2*/CSIYH1* (All horses taking part at this event must be present during the first horse inspection, unless unable to do so due to “force majeure)

Thursday, 1st of June 2023

09:00 Horse RE-inspection CSI2*/CSIYH1*

9:00 CSIYH1* 105cm

11:00 CSIYH1* 120/125cm

13:00 CSI2* 110cm

CSI2* 120cm

CSI2* 130cm

CSI2* 140cm

18:0020:00  Horse RE-inspection CSIP

Friday, 2nd of June 2023

8:00 Horse RE-inspection CSIP

9:00 CSIYH1* 110cm

11:00 CSIYH1* 120/125cm

12:00 CSIP 105cm

CSI2* 110cm

CSI2* 125cm

CSI2* 135cm

Saturday, 3rd of June 2023

9:00 CSIYH1* horses 110cm

11:00 CSIP 110cm

12:00 CSI2* 125cm

CSI2* 135cm

CSI2* 115cm

CSI2* 145cm

Sunday, 4th of June 2023

10:00 CSIYH1* 125/130cm

12:00 CSIP 110cm

13:00 CSI2* 125cm

CSI2* 135cm

CSI2* Grand Prix 145cm