Thursday, 03th of June 2021

Horse inspection

Friday, 04th of June 2021

CDN – national A1, LK1
CDN – national NH4A, 4yo horses 
CDIYH – FEI 5yo ja 6yo horses, Preliminary Test
CDICh – FEI Children Preliminary Test B
CDIJ – FEI Juniors Team Test
CDI2* – FEI Prix St. Georges
CDIP – FEI Pony Riders Team Test
CDIY – FEI Young Riders Team Test
CDN – national LK4 (amateurs), ABC1, M2

Saturday, 05th of June 2021

CDN – National Talent hunt classes
CDN – LK4, M3, A2
CDICh – FEI Children Team Test
CDIJ – FEI Juniors Individual Test
CDI2* – FEI Intermediate I Test
CDIP – FEI Pony Riders Individual Test
CDIY – FEI Young Riders Individual Test
CDI-W – FEI Grand Prix Test
CDN – National amateurs musical free program

Sunday, 06th of June 2021

CDN – National NH4B, 4yo horses
CDIYH – Fei 5yo & 6yo horses, Final Test
CDICh – FEI Children Individual Test
CDIJ – FEI Junior Freestyle
CDI2* – FEI Intermediate I Freestyle
CDIP – FEI Pony Riders Freestyle
CDIY – FEI Young Riders Freestyle
CDI-W – FEI Grand Prix Freestyle 
CDN – National draft horses