Our organizing team is glad to inform you that the last decisions of our goverment allow us to organize our international equestrian festival CHI Pärnu 2021 with CDI-W, CAI2 and CSI2 competitions from 3 to 13 of June.

Our government has made some changes in the Covid19 related restrictions and from 3rd of May we’re allowed to have as much as 200 people in our showground. That being confirmed we’re able to pull through our international program but sadly this year without our supportive audience. At this point we’re still not sure about the national programs but we’re still hopeful that the situation in our country will evolve to the better and from start of June it is also possible to hold national classes.

I guess you´ve all met or heard about herpes panademic that started in Spain starting of this year so in addition to our Covid19 regulations we’re going to have to set some additional guidlines for the biosecurity in our showground. At the moment these additional rules will be standing at least until the end of May if not longer but we’ll notify you early enough to get the latest information about the safety in our showground.

Our dressage and driving schedules are already approved by FEI, as usual the jumping department is slowest one. Hopefully our Covid19 rules You’ll find in the approved schedules will be changed to the better. We’ll notify you about any changes as soon as possible in our social media channels and also in FEI!

See you! 🙂

Evelin Rattus – HELANAS @ 4.08.2018, Baltic Dressage League Estonia 2018 © Foto: Kylli Tedre-Gavrilov / www.kyllitedre.com

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