CHI Pärnu organizers are still keeping a positive attitude towards corona virus situation and its fall back. First time in the history of Baltics we’ve planned an International equestrian festival – whereas from 3rd to 13th of June, 2021 World cup class will be held in dressage aswell as international and national shows in driving and showjumping.

Maria Farm located in Pärnu, Kõpu village has hosted Equestrian events already since 1996 – however more actively when the first International Driving event was held in 2017. In the next two years contestants could take part in Driving-, Show jumping- and Dressage competition and Endurance riding. After the 2019th years June successful show we’ve decided to take the direction towards international level.

On the first weekend (04-06th of June) we´ll be hosting Dressage riders and Drivers both nationally and internationally. Highlight from the first week will definately be the World Cup class for dressage riders. Our second weekend  (10-13th of June) will be all about Show jumpers who’ll get the chance to find the best in a 145cm world ranking class as well as smaller international and national classes.

Using International equestrian terminology – Maria Farm will host upcoming shows : of June:. CDI-W, CDI2*, CDICh/P/J/Y/YH, 05.-06th of June: CAI2*-H1/P1/H2/P2, 09.-13th of June: CSI2*, CSI1*-YH, 13th of June:. CAI1* combined marathon.

CHI – Concour Hippique Internationale – is a common terminology for an Equestrian event whereas different disciplines are competing in the same place in a short amount of time. Most known such as event is CHIO Aachen where in one and a half weeks one can witness eventing-, dressage-, and show-jumping riders competing against each other until victory.

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