The first leg of Estonian Horse Breeders Society Cup was held at Maria talu and the winner at A-level is Keidy Udalov riding tori breed horse Haarem scoring 70,569% in A2 test. At L-level, in the Estonian Horse Breeders Society Cup the best test was ridden by Liis Ira riding ownbred tori horse Q’Ester Rouge resulting in 66,482% in LK4 test.

The winners of open classes were as following: the winner of A2 test is Sabine Andersone (LAT) riding Caruzo (69,887%), the best in LK4 class is also Latvian rider, this time Everita Dauburele riding Hercogs (68,704%). Helina Täht and Apsis rode the result of 68,452% securing them a win in the ABC1 class and Eliis Pääsuke on Zinzina brought the victory home with 65,500% in LK4. The winner of M3 class is Estonian young rider Maria Mägi riding Shampagna with the result 67,424%.


Photos: Triin Laanemägi

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