CHI Pärnu 2020 – next year Maria farm will hold international competitions in three equestrian disciplines

The end of May and the begining of June next year will be the time, when Estonian equestrian history will be made at Maria farm near the City of Pärnu for the first time in Estonia three diferent equestrian disciplines will compete internationaly at the same place.

Maria farm, which is situated in Pärnu Kõpu village, have  organized equestrian events since 1995. For the last two years international driving (CAI2*) have been running, as well as national jumping and dressage.

In June this year the organizing committee decided to expand to an international level events in addition to driving, jumping and dressage.Today You can find in official FEI calendar CDI3* level dressage from 29 to 31 of May 2020, CAI2* driving from 30 to 31 of May 2020 and CSI2* jumping show from 4 to 7 of June 2020. In addition different national classes will be organized in every discipline.

The owner of Maria farm Enn Rand is planning to renovate multiple arenas for the fall show including the warm up arenas for the international rider visits. Till now the riding centre was mostly just supporting facility for touristic farm but analyzing the results of last years competitions and listening opinion of different equestrian specialists, the owner is sure that his centre can be ready for international level events:

Formerly the riding centre was a tourist farm that included extensive riding facilities. Following intensive analysis and the generous opinions of equestrian specialists, the centre will be ready for international events. „Next year we will start on international level with jumping, dressage and driving and would like to add to our list in 2021 eventing, hopefully also endurance, which is my personal favorite,“ mentioned Mr. Rand.

Not only competitions take place  but various  seminars, courses and work-shops will be offered - all about equestrian. Organizers would like to offer something for all stakeholders of the equestrian world.

Maybe You ask why CHI Pärnu? Pärnu because Maria farm is situated legaly in City of Pärnu.

CHI - Concour Hippique Internationale –means event where diferent discipilines are included. The most well known CHI event is legendary CHIO Aachen, where jumpers, dressage riders, eventers, drivers and volters are competing same time.

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